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Luxury Pedicures

Our luxury pedicures offer luxury service while serving to heal or perform specialty care of the feet. The base protocol includes softening of the skin through soaking or warm towel application, trimming and cleaning the nails, deep exfoliation of the skin, massage of the feet and legs, application of treatment masks, cuticle care and polish on the nails.

Aromatherapy Pedicure — The Science of Aromatherapy studies the connection between the fragrances of nature with healing the body and improving mood. With our Kneipp aromatherapy pedicure, you may choose from our palette of aromas that appeals most to you. Special oils and lotions are incorporated along with your pedicure.  (60 minutes)  $68-

– Happy (red poppy and hemp)

– Energy (juniper)

– Breathe (eucalyptus and peppermint)

– Muscle Ache (arnica and rosemary)

– Relaxation (lavender)

Pure Pedicure – 55% of Americans suffer with allergies with 20% diagnosed as sensitive to specific allergens.  Pure pedicure has been designed with hypo-allergenic products to support the comfort of our most sensitive clients. We also offer this service in a companion Manicure for an additional charge. (60 minutes) $68-

Foot/Leg Hydration Treatment – Seasons, medications, occupational damage and heredity can cause feet/legs to be flaky, uncomfortable, itchy, even irritated. Intense hydration of the skin through the masking and massage during this pedicure can immediately improve the texture, appearance and comfort of your skin. (60 minutes) $68-

Callus Reduction Pedicure – The Callus Reduction Pedicure adds additional safe reduction (callus debridement) of calluses during the callus treatment section of the service. It provides comfort to the client while softening the skin.  Pathological calluses (large calluses that always return) require referral to our podiatrist. (60 minutes) $68-

Seasonal Pedicure – Seasonal pedicures are designed for clients to experience special botanical elements of every season. Our Seasonal Pedicures will tickle your senses while incorporating special gifts from Mother Nature such as exfoliating fruit enzymes, essential oils and organic healing remedies. Check our web site for unique specialty pedicures (60 minutes) $78-

Stone Pedicure – Warm up or cool down with our stone massage pedicure and EcoFin treatment; A great solution for tired and achy feet. (75 minutes)  $78-


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