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CleanSpa Difference

The CLEAN in CleanSpa


We have two different systems in place to ensure proper sterilization of your instruments. a.) Compressed steam sterilization is used on all instruments. We use black lights that are hung on the drying table to detect any sign of protein or fungus. b.) A Client Guard Library is available. These are client owned nail tool sets, which are kept on site to be used exclusively on one individual client.

Cleaning Policy

Whirlpools don’t cause fungal and bacterial infections, people do. Improper cleaning of wet areas and floors and improper washing of towels are some of the REAL reasons people get infected. Our tubs are cleaned the proper way after every client, and our towels are professionally cleaned. At the end of each day the facility is scanned by a Wood’s mission Lamp (magnified black light). We go on a search and destroy to ensure that any sign of fungus has been removed.

Dedicated Medical Treatment Areas

Clients with fungal nail infections or other medical conditions can be treated in a fully functional and aesthetic treatment area that is set apart from the cosmetic clientele. This enables our clients to never have to worry again about inadvertent exposure to affected surfaces.

Custom Built Nail Table Ventilation Systems

The powerful ventilation system built into our manicure tables and facility enables CleanSpa to remove nail dust and odor when it is generated.

Procedure and Protocol

Tools are always placed on clean towels. Implements that are unable to be sterilized are all single use and disposable, if they are not contained within a Client Guard. The CleanSpa has been designed without any absorbent wooden surfaces with CLEAN in mind.

Medical Nail Technician Training

CleanSpa provides 15 modules of additional training and a 40 hour internship to to certify technicians as Medical Nail Technicians. Training includes but is not limited to:

  • Physician Directed and Medically Proven Preventive Aseptic Techniques
  • Autoclave Sterilization of Metal Implements
  • Documentation and Proper Testing of Autoclaves
  • Foot Health Evaluation Knowledge and Exam
  • Recognition (not diagnosis) of Foot Conditions
  • Advanced Dermatology of the Feet
  • Emerging and Evolving Microbes
  • Training to perform cosmetic foot services in a medical setting
  • Precautions in Pedicures on Diabetics and other chronically ill or At Risk Clients (ARC) dictated by a practicing podiatrist
  • Updates and Ongoing Future Development of Advanced Protocols with Feet for Life Physicians


17201 Chesterfield Airport Road,
Chesterfield, MO 63005

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