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Classic Manicure

40 minutes $28-

Waterless Spa Manicure which includes moisturizing and massaging the hand and arm. The nails are trimmed and shaped and polish applied.

Luxury Manicure

55 minutes $35-

Your hands and arms up to the elbows are exfoliated with luxurious oil, massaged, and masked to immediately improve their texture and appearance and this amazing service is made complete with a wonderfully conditioning Ecofin treatment, packed with emollients and essential oils! Your hands will be so happy!

Gel Polish Spa Manicure

55 minutes $40.00-

This service compliments our Spa Manicure with the long wearing durability of three-free OPI or Shellac Gel Polish.

If you have gel polish on prior to your service, please also schedule time for gel removal as well.

Keratin Manicure

$45 minutes $38.00-

This safe waterless full service manicure treatment contains keratin to strengthen nails and skin, vitamin E for its anti-aging properties, urea to hydrate, akorex l to protect skin from UV rays, and copaiba oil, a botanical with antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits of Keratin:

  • Reinforces the protective outer layer – keeps skin healthy
  • Repairs existing damages
  • Protects your healthy skin, guarding against damaging heat, chemicals or friction
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Increases skin hydration

IBX Nail Treatment

30 minute initial / 15 minutes follow up : $20- initial / $15- follow up

This treatment is a wonderful deep conditioner for the nail plate that adds strength and flexibility while helping mend dryness and deep cracks.Can be used prior to lacquer polish or gel polish application.


  • French Polish – $10-
  • Polish Change – $15-
  • Shellac/Gel Removal – $10- (Please allow extra time)
  • EcoFin Treatment – $15- (natural paraffin alternative)


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